• What is LangRhet?

    Language and Rhetorical Studies, or LangRhet, is part of the Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshops Program at the University of Michigan. The graduate students and faculty in LangRhet share research interests in the following topics:

        • structure and history of English
        • language ideologies
        • language variation and change
        • linguistic practice and literary forms
        • history of rhetoric
        • rhetorical strategies and their effects
        • literacy practices and language use in discourse communities


    LangRhet brings together faculty and graduate students from departments across the university, including English, Linguistics, Education, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Communication, American Culture, and Classics.

    Our workshop activities include discussions of readings; sharing of participants’ research and works-in-progress; lectures from visiting scholars; and participation in national conferences. The workshop meets approximately once a month, and its shape and content is organized around individual participants’ interests and projects. To suggest topics or inquire about upcoming events, please contact us below!

    The workshop was originally developed in response to a perceived need to form lines of communication between different subdisciplines within the English department – namely, English & Education and Language & Literature. Since then, due to widespread interest in language history and use, discussions have incorporated historical periods from Classical/Medieval to Modern/Postmodern as well as various disciplines across the University.


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