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    Conference Locations

    Plenary I: Angell Hall 3222 (435 S.State St.)
    Panels and Plenary II: North Quadrangle (105 S. State St.)

    Friday, October 20

    5:00-7:00: Plenary I, “Disability and Textual Activism”

    Amy Vidali, Associate Professor of English at the University of Colorado, Denver
    Angell Hall 3222 (see Google Map below)

    Followed by respondent panel, facilitated by Anne Curzan with:

    • Melanie Yergeau, Associate Professor of English
    • Sami Schalk, Assistant Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Patricia Anderson, Emerging Technologies Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library
    • Stephanie Rosen, Accessibility Specialist, at the UM Library

    Saturday, October 21

    8:30-9:00: Breakfast in North Quad in Common Area outside of Room 1135

    9:00-10:30 Sessions

    North Quad 1175: Authoritative Voices: Navigating Power Dynamics in Online Spaces
    Chair: Adrienne Raw

    Interrogating the Text from the Wrong Perspective
    Rebekah Small, Michigan State University

    Inequalities in Crowdsourced Knowledge: The Limits of Wikipedia’s Democracy
    Andrew Moos, The University of Kansas

    Negotiating Fan Identity Disclosure: Survey of Transformative Works and Cultures
    Adrienne Raw, University of Michigan

    Rhetorics of Space and Women in Online Gaming
    Zebadiah Kraft, University of Alaska Anchorage

    North Quad 1185: Recording Disability, Re-configuring Identity
    Chair: Elizabeth Tacke

    Navigating the Affective Tensions in Disability Disclosure
    Elizabeth Tacke, University of Michigan

    Rhetoric, Embodiment, and Pathographies of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors: Languages to Understand Life at the Margins
    Douglas Kidd, University of Toledo

    Emergent Voices: Mental Health Discourses and the Podcasting Medium
    Shannon Walton, University of Michigan

    “A Healthy Appearing, Articulate Girl in No Apparent Distress”: Illness Narratives In/Between Medical Records
    Sarah Orsak, Rutgers University

    North Quad 1135: Identities across Homes and Publics: In Search of Meaningful Heteroglossic Contexts
    Chair: Ryan McCarty

    Embracing the Voices from the Linguistic Minorities Through Translanguaging
    Zhongfeng Tian, Boston College

    That isn’t my audience: Conflict over the purposes of learning and writing for one Dominican-American student
    Ryan McCarty, University of Michigan

    Placing Public Rhetorics: Locale as Central to Inclusive Public Discourse
    Jessica Batychenko, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    10:40-12:00 Sessions

    North Quad 1175: Difference and Pedagogical Practice
    Chair: Ben Keating

    Embracing Embodiment and the Paradoxes: A Decolonial Pedagogy Option for Composition and Rhetoric Educators
    Danielle Donelson, Bowling Green State University

    “I didn’t Want to Keep Asking, Do you Know what I Mean? Do you Get It?”: Peer Review as Linguistic and Cultural Contact Zone
    Ben Keating, University of Michigan

    Biodiversity and Linguistic Diversity are the Norm: Toward a More Universally Accessible Writing Classroom
    Storm Pilloff, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

    Representing Student Silences in Teacher Training Texts
    Jenna Bradley,University of Delaware

    North Quad 1185: Queer Feminisms and Media
    Chair: TBD

    Should We All Be Feminists?: Marginal Spaces in Universal Discourse
    Rebecca C. Conklin, Michigan State University

    Body Language(s): Bringing the Trans Body Online
    Spencer Garrison, University of Michigan

    Linguistic Performance of a Black, Gay Male Identity in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Dominique Canning, University of Michigan

    Tainted Blood: Political Effects of the Supernaturalization of LGBT Literary Figures
    Marisa Mercurio, The University of Toledo

    12:10-12:40: Lunch in North Quad 2435

    12:45-2:15: Plenary II, “Disability in the American Girl Brand”

    Sami Schalk, Assistant Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison 
    North Quad 2435; followed by Q&A

    2:25-3:35 Sessions

    North Quad 1175: Inglorious Victories: Examining The Invisible Strength of Women and Their Underappreciated Feats of Survival
    Chair: TBD

    Mother of the Imagist Movement: Exploring the Authenticity of Birth as a Theme in the Poetry of H.D.
    Charity Anderson, University of Toledo

    Holistic Healing as Resistance: Caridad’s Embrace of New Mestiza Ideology in Ana Castillo’s So Far From God
    Hanna Conrad, University of South Dakota

    Reclaiming the “Whole Woman” in Possessing the Secret of Joy
    Madelaine Pope, Bowling Green State University

    North Quad 1185: Representations and Divisions
    Chair: TBD

    Ex Libris: Early 20th Century Bookplates and Identity
    Ryan McHale, University of Missouri- Kansas City

    Portraying the indian to Erase the indian: Selk’nam Photography in the Constitution of an Imaginary of the Chilean Nation-State.
    Constanza Contreras, University of Michigan

    “To Leave is to Die a Little / To Arrive is Never to Arrive”: Borders in Valeria Luiselli’s Tell Me How It Ends
    Kerstin Tuttle, University of South Dakota

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