• Who is LangRhet?

    The 2016-2017 LangRhet Steering Committee


    Ann Burke

    Ann Burke is a doctoral candidate in the Joint Program in English and Education at the University of Michigan. Ann’s research centers around student transition from high school to college writing, and how students’ perceptions of preparedness to write at the college level. Experience in teaching both secondary ELA and college writing has also pointed her to questions around factors like policy and assessment that might affect student writing experiences and their transition from high school to college writing. Outside of her research, Ann has enjoyed teaching college-level writing courses in the English Department Writing Program.

    Benjamin Keating

    Ben Keating’s research interests include antiracist pedagogy, critical race and whiteness theory, discourse analysis, and collaborative learning in the college writing classroom. Originally from Boston, MA, he holds a BA in English from Kenyon College and an MFA in creative writing (poetry) from UC Irvine. For more on Ben’s work, visit https://benjaminjkeating.com/.




    Anna Knutson

    Anna Knutson is a doctoral candidate in the Joint Program in English and Education. She is from Seattle, WA, where she studied English and Women Studies and worked as a peer tutor at the University of Washington. She earned her MA in Rhetoric and Writing at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM, where she worked as a TA Mentor in the Core Writing program and taught several versions of first-year composition, including face-to-face sections, online sections, and sections linked with courses across the disciplines. Anna is interested in whether/how individuals transfer knowledge about literacy and rhetoric between academic and non-academic (extracurricular and professional) contexts. Her dissertation research explores how college students committed to issues of social justice understand the relationship between their social media literacies and their academic literacies.


    Ryan McCarty

    Ryan McCarty is a PhD student in the Joint Program in English and Education. Interested in multilingual writers and translation practices, Ryan hopes to expand ideas of translational learning and writing to include rhetorical practices that draw on a larger repertoire than one that simply considers the standard target language of the classroom, workplace, dominant community, etc. This focus on the politics and effects translation also drives his interest in science communication. He is currently working as a coordinator for RELATE, a graduate student group that works with STEM academics writing for non-specialist audiences. Ryan’s teaching experience includes literature and composition courses at both research universities and community college, as well as a healthy stint in secondary education and a wonderful couple of years teaching for the Douglas County Jail Poetry Project.


    Moira Saltzman

    Moira is a second year doctoral student in Linguistics.  She is interested in the phonological and morphological aspects of language change, and typological patterns of language diversification.  Moira is particularly interested in contact phenomena and the interplay of social forces such as language use and power relationships and internal linguistic change in contact environments.  Moira’s recent research includes the ongoing development of an open-source multimedia talking dictionary of Jejueo, an endangered language of Jeju Island, South Korea.  Moira holds an MA in Linguistics from Wayne State and a BA in language philosophy from Sarah Lawrence College.  She looks forward to discussing issues of language policy and power dynamics within the LangRhet forum, and is thrilled to join the steering committee this year.


    Elizabeth Tacke

    Elizabeth Tacke is a doctoral student in the Joint Program in English and Education. She came to Michigan after spending four years as a public school English teacher in Oakland, California, which prompted her interests in studying questions of identity and writing. Elizabeth’s work is at the center of life writing studies, disability studies, and rhetoric. At Michigan, she has taught first-year composition, worked as a Field Instructor in the MAC Secondary English program, and currently teaches English Methods in the MAC program.



    The 2016-2017 LangRhet Active Members 

    Meg Carlson

    Meg Carlson is a PhD student in the Joint Program in English and Education. She grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and attended Auburn University for her BA in English and Clemson University for her MA in Professional Communication with her research focusing on healthcare communication. It is at Clemson where she first taught and fell in love with college composition, which led her to follow her teaching interests in secondary education. She taught three years of sophomore and senior English in Indianapolis, and completed one year of teaching at a community college in Louisville, Kentucky. Meg’s research interests include: writing in the sciences, scientific and medical rhetoric, and examining how to better support women in the sciences.


    Jathan Day

    Jathan Day is a first-year JPEE student hailing from Anchorage, Alaska. He received a BA in English Literature and Languages (Japanese) and an MA in English from the University of Alaska Anchorage. He has experience teaching preparatory writing, first-year composition, technical writing, science writing, and persuasive writing. Jathan’s current research interests include digital literacies, critical discourse analysis, memetics, local advocacy, and ecocriticism.



    Molly Parsons

    Molly Parsons is a doctoral candidate in U-M’s Joint Program in English and Education. She has worked as a graduate student instructor in the English Department Writing Program for six semesters, teaching lower-level, upper-level, and professional writing courses. Before arriving at Michigan, Molly taught secondary English in the Las Vegas Valley. Her research and work at Michigan focuses on writing center practice and questions related to how academic conversations about writing unfold. She especially wants to know more about the possibility of the writing center as a space for teaching civic discourse. This is Molly’s second year with the LangRhet team.


    Adrienne Raw

    Adrienne Raw is a PhD student in The University of Michigan’s Joint Program in English and Education where she serves as a Graduate Student Instructor of composition in the English Department Writing Program and the Graduate Editorial and Administrative Associate for the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. Her research focuses on fanfiction and fan studies where she explores that language in online fan communities. Her interests also include digital culture, composition pedagogy, and multimedia writing and teaching. She earned her BA in Anthropology and Rhetoric and Professional Writing and her MA in Rhetoric and Communication Design from the University of Waterloo, and her B.Ed in Adult Education from Brock University. She spent several years working in the field of online learning systems and retains an interest in the pedagogy and practices of online learning. You can follow her on Twitter @AdrienneRaw.


    Kristin vanEyk

    Kristin vanEyk grew up on the west side of the state and is a life-long Michigander. After teaching high school writing and nonfiction studies for 9 years and earning her M.Ed., Kristin returned to graduate school as a doctoral student in the Joint Program in English and Education. Kristin’s current work at the University of Michigan focuses on language ideologies and the ways that school cultures, pedagogies, rhetoric, assessments, and structures privilege or denigrate individuals’ use of standard and nonstandard English varieties and other languages.


    Jiaxin Wu

    Jiaxin Wu is a MA student in the Educational Studies program who is interested in sociolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, second language acquisition, and bilingual education. This is Jiaxin’s first year working with the LangRhet team.

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